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  • Laboratory Facility :
    The institution have completely equipped laboratories for all the subjects with enough equipments, instruments, glassware's and chemicals is made available to help the students of this college.


  • Library :
    Extensive library services together with systematic use of audio-visual aids are available to help the students in the learning process.

  • Computer Lab :
    Extensive computer facility together with LAN, Internet, Medline, Helinet, etc., are available for the better Learning.

  • Extra Curricular Activities :
    In view of the main aim of education as the total development of the persons, number of opportunities are provided for the students to develop their skills and talents at various levels such as music, dance, sports, indoor and outdoor games.

  • Health Service :
    On admission, every student will undergo a medical examination. An annual medical checkup will done for all the students. Medical care will be given to them in case of illness at recognized nursing home as per the student health scheme.

  • Hostel Facility :
    Hostel facilities are provided for the students who requires these facility. Separate hostels are available for boys and girls, with good accommodation and pleasant food will be served. Hostel mess expenses will be calculated according to dividing systems.

  • Vacation :
    Vacations are planned according to the programme of the course as per Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

  • Graduation :
    Following the successful completion of the course, the graduates which have convocation in the University and graduation function in the Institute. The graduates are expected to register themselves with the pharmacy counsil.

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